Your Roof Waterproofing Specialists

Problems like leaking roofs, plaster cracks and damp walls are common to buildings, old and new.

Water damage in a home or business can be your worst nightmare. It can damage your belongings and equipment, cause health issues and if left untreated will jeopardize the structural integrity of your building. 

Both external and internal waterproofing are vital in preventing water from being absorbed into the walls and leaking into the rest of your home or business.

Our objective is to waterproof our clients homes and commercial properties, to protect them from the elements, creating healthy strong buildings.

Approved Waterproofing offers an efficient and quality waterproofing service with effective long-term, long lasting products. Our team believes in safety and quality, as such, our primary focus is on quality control, training, inspections and site management. 

Our service is of the highest quality, and when combined with efficiency and professionalism, our clients always receive the results they expect.